Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crochet Cell Phone Case - FREE Pattern

I love this handy little case. I can attach it to my purse or through my belt loop, I use it all the time! Actually I have several different ones that I use all the time.

The pattern is adjustable to whatever size phone you have. You basically want to get the first 3 rows (** the oval shape) to custom fit the bottom of your phone, then continue on from there. It's a very easy pattern!

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Cell Phone Case

Hook size: G - 6, 4.25mm
Yarn: Worsted Weight, #4, (I used Red Heart Acrylic)


Make a chain approximately the width of your phone. (For mine I started with ch 11)

row 1 - sc in 2nd ch from hook & sc in each stitch putting 2 sc in the last stitch (to go around the corner)

row 2 - then sc up the other side, 2 sc in end stitch (to go around the corner)

row 3 - sc along that side.

**(At this point you should have a long flat oval, this is the bottom of the cell phone case and should be approximately the same length & width as the bottom of your phone.)

row 4 - sc in back loops only all the way around (this makes the sides of the case turn upward)

row 5 - sc around

row 6, etc. - sc around
continue crocheting around, to a length about 1/2 inch shorter than your phone.
Leave yarn attached & start flap-

Flap & buttonhole -

At this point you can see the shape of your case and try it on the phone.
Figure where the back will be & leaving 3 stitches on each side for the straps,
single crochet across turning each row until flap is the length you desire.

Buttonhole rows - (my flap was about 8 stitches wide so I did it like this)
1. sc in the next 2 stitches, ch 4 and sc in the last 2 stitches of the row, turn,
2. sc in the next 2 stitches, 4 sc across the loop, sc in last 2 stitches.
Tie off.
Put your phone in the case and line up the buttonhole flap to position your button.
I find a button with a shank works best.


Attach yarn on one side, sc in next 3 stitches, turn, sc in 3 stitches, turn & continue until strap is desired length.
Attach yarn at other side and sc in next 3 stitches and repeat as for step 1.
Loop end of straps through snap & hook and sew down.
I used what is called a "simplex snap" which you should be able to get at a hardware store. The size is 1 1/4 inches. I actually found mine at Fred Meyer Department store:

Weave in all your ends and you're done!

Add a flower, embroider or appliqué your favorite design, however you want to embellish it. Or leave it plain for a more masculine look.

©2010 - You may sell finished crochet items made from this pattern.
You may not sell the printed or digital pattern itself, or copy or redistribute the pattern in any way for monetary gain.
Thank you.